#581 Fedora 24 and 25 are EOL
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mohanboddu/fedora-badges f24-f25-eol  into  master

@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ 



    - topic:  prod.git.receive

-   - lambda: "msg.get('msg', {}).get('commit', {}).get('branch', None) in ['f23', 'f22', 'f21', 'f20', 'f19', 'f18', 'f17', 'f16', 'f15', 'el5']"

+   - lambda: "msg.get('msg', {}).get('commit', {}).get('branch', None) in ['f25', 'f24', 'f23', 'f22', 'f21', 'f20', 'f19', 'f18', 'f17', 'f16', 'f15', 'el5']"


  # This is boilerplate to make the fedbadges daemon happy


This one looks simple to me, so I think it's safe to merge. I'm so happy we can get pull requests on these things now!!!

Merging. :clapper: I'll push this up to production shortly.

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4 years ago