#896 SCaLE 20x Badge Request
Closed: pushed 2 months ago by gui1ty. Opened 2 months ago by aacosta.

For the SCaLE 20x event, we'd like to request a 20x badge similar to the design for previous ScaLE events, like 18x and 19x, but freshened with a 20x and updated year 2023

See: https://badges.fedoraproject.org/badge/scale-18x-attendee for a previous year's badge example.

Help the badges team understand what this idea is all about. If this badge is
awarded for certain kinds of activities:

1) What are those activities?
The badge will be awarded to attendees of the SCaLE 20x conference. Please see:

2) Who is doing them (are they packagers? translators? newcomers? veterans?
users? sponsors?)
Attendees to the conference

3) Why are they doing them (is this a means to a different end?)
Anyone at our booth can scan the QR code linked to the badge awarding website

4) When do they do them (every day? once a year?)
Once per event, for the time period: March 9th- March 22nd, 2023. This allows attendees a little grace period to obtain the badge 1 week after the event's completion.

5) How do they do them (by talking in IRC? by running commands in the console?
by using a web interface?)
By visiting our booth. It also raises awareness to newcomers of the popularity of fedora-badges

Lastly, do you have any ideas for artwork concepts?
Using existing network for 18x and 19x to adapt to 20x is perfectly fine.
Please see: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SCaLE_20x_Event

Thank you so much for looking in to making this happen. We very much appreciate it! :)

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2 months ago

@riecatnor it looks very good for me! Please go ahead and continue

Thank you

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2 months ago

Great @aacosta - I set the tags: artwork approved, and ready to push. This will be a manual badge- should anyone besides yourself get rights to award?

Hopefully an admin pushes it out shortly :) if not, ping the #fedora-badges IRC or Element channel to flag their attention

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2 months ago

Badge has been pushed:


Authorization granted to @aacosta. Let me know if more people need authorization for this badge.

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2 months ago

Thank you guys, you rock!

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