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I apologize in advance if this is not the right forum to ask about this. I looked at my badge list, it never seems to add up. I've done a few things according to the conditions to get some badges. But I can't seem to get it. For example, Baby Badger, Let Me Introduce Myself, and Crypto Panda.

Because I saw my friend doing the same thing and getting a badge, while I didn't.

Is there something wrong with my account? Is there anything I should do?

Thanks :)

Hi. I got advice from @siddharthvipul1 to list the badges I meant above :)

Here's the list:

Some badges actually I'm not sure if I meet the requirements or not. Based on my interpretation only. Sorry if it sounds like a complaint. I'm just making sure, because I really like Fedora Badges :)

Thanks in advance.

Hi. Can anyone help me with this issue? :)

I have not received any badges either.
I have logged in to https://fedoraproject.org/greenwings23.
I have introduced myself https://ask,fedora.org/curiouspenquin
I signed up for the design team/fedora badges.
I have attempted one badge on ticket #807 revamp rock-in-web
I have submitted artwork for the fedora zine project
I have signed up for CommOPS for tech writing and editing experiences
I want to take a fedora media writer/34 workstation workshop /Inkscape fedora badge workshop because I am a newbie.

Thanks, @arman,I have replied and thank you for the information.=C2=A0 I a=
m wondering about just trying to figure out what to do????
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Hi. Can anyone help me with this issue? :)

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Hi, @greenwings23 :)

Maybe it takes time for the process. And our friends here seem to be focusing on Nest with Fedora first. I'm just here to make sure. But keep the spirit in contributing! Don't forget to register for Nest [0]. Cheers :)

[0] https://hopin.com/events/nest-with-fedora-2021

@greenwings23 Hi does anyone have any art work for #825 Dumpster Firefighter.I would like to contribute. Also I did not receive a baby badger badge or libravator badge

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