#817 "The cat came back" is not awarded
Opened a year ago by dreua. Modified 6 months ago

See https://pagure.io/Fedora-Badges/issue/7#comment-715610

I should have gotten this for adopting "gnome-clocks", too.

I see that this badge is actually sitting in the retired rules, presumably because the rules wouldn't work as is when migrated to pagure. I looked at my own recent adoption, and it seems like there is a topic that might be a usable trigger: org.fedoraproject.prod.pagure.project.adopt. Could this be added back in, or has there been a decision to just not have this badge anymore?

Metadata Update from @smeragoel:
- Custom field artwork adjusted to None
- Custom field concept_review_passed adjusted to None
- Issue tagged with: bug, needs-rules, review

6 months ago

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