#804 Badges not awarded for FAS problems or something else: can anyone manualy issue them?
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Since I've been oriented by nb (Nick Bebout) to open this ticket for manualy claim this badges, this are the badges I should receive if FAS integration worked as expected:
-Paranoid Panda
-White Rabbit
-Curious Penguim
-Riddle Me This
-You can pry it from my cold, dead hands => this from Bodhi Integration I have already opened a ticket here but since now didn't get it (https://pagure.io/fedora-badges/issue/72 )

Advocate badge awarded (perhaps someone manually issued it, or is nb and computerkid's working on the scripts) Thanks.

Hello @computerkid can any of these still be claimed? please? :weary:

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22 days ago

Oh I'm sorry! My inbox is a flood zone at the moment, but I will push as many of these as I need to for you.

Okay, I think I gave you all of them. Congrats, you are now crushing the monthly and weekly leaderboards :wink: . Can we close this?

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19 days ago

thanks @computerkid :D
yeah, for my badges, this can be closed alright.
I only think that our friend @farribeiro have the same problem, he marked his missing badges on a comment on issue 775.

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19 days ago

:weary: okay.
I can't do it now sorry.

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