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Opened 6 months ago by akumar99. Modified 6 months ago

Wouldn't it be a good idea if we have progress tracker for different activities like for Tester, Kernel Tester etc. so that they can see their count of how many times have they done that specific activity. Right now we just depend on our badges to have an approximate idea and after that highest badge, we can't track our actual progress.
Please look into it and see if this idea is any good.

Hey @akumar99 , Thank you for opening the ticket.

If you would like to get the Progress tracker for different Fedora Applications, It would be good to have tickets in the respective Applications, Although as far as I know, there would be page where you can get the total of the activities.

For example:

You can track your Updates testing as Bodhi Comments : https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/comments/?user=<username> to get the count of it.

With Badges, These application push their events on the Fedora / fedmsg Messaging bus and badges listens to it and awards the badges once you meet a specific criteria.

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Hi @nasirhm ,
I mean that we should have a page which tracks all the contributions at one place like pagure commits, regression tests, Koji Success, Cookies etc. Rather, than we have to visit different pages to look for the same. Won't this be better?

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