#772 Baby-Badger not applied
Opened 2 years ago by atypicalkernel. Modified a year ago

When logging into Fedora badges and navigating to the profile page the Baby-Badger badge does not get applied.

Getting a badge for logging in is still listed in the about.

I have another badge that has been applied so badges are working on my account. I logged in and out to test that. This is on fedora in Firefox on a fresh install that has been fully updated.

This was discovered during the Jupiter Broadcasting bug-a-thon, ChrisLAS also has this issue.

Links for reference

I can confirm that even I have this issue even though my badges account was created in 2015, well after the badge had been shipped in 2013!

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2 years ago

Huh, I don't have that badge either, which should be impossible?

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