#761 Badge for Contributing to the Fedora Zine
Closed: pushed 2 years ago by riecatnor. Opened 2 years ago by riecatnor.

Badge description (like "You added a co-maintainer to a package. BFF!"):
- You contributed to the Fedora Zine!

Help the badges team understand what this idea is all about. If this badge is
awarded for certain kinds of activities:

1) What are those activities?
- contributing to the Fedora zine :)

2) Who is doing them (are they packagers? translators? newcomers? veterans?
users? sponsors?)

3) Why are they doing them (is this a means to a different end?)
- anyone in Fedora

4) When do they do them (every day? once a year?)
- Yearly? Not sure about this yet

5) How do they do them (by talking in IRC? by running commands in the console?
by using a web interface?)
- creating art, doodles, writing, photography, and submitting them to the design team for the zine

Lastly, do you have any ideas for artwork concepts?
- Some artwork from the zine :) maybe from the cover.

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2 years ago

OMG @smeragoel I just love this! I think the size of the inner object was accidentally adjusted. Can you drop it into a new template file and re-upload? Thanks!

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2 years ago

Hope it looks good!

It Looks Awesome :D

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2 years ago

This looks so badass! Good job @smeragoel

Looks pretty cool @smeragoel , To push this badge, I feel it will be a Manually awarded one.

@riecatnor please share whom the access needs to be provided. :)

@nasirhm go ahead and give award rights to me and @smeragoel :)

@riecatnor @smeragoel The Badge is up : https://badges.fedoraproject.org/badge/fedora-zine-contributor

Please ensure the award access is provided and If there's something that needs to be modified please let me know about it.

@nasirhm looks good, thank you!! Closing as pushed :) thanks to everyone for their work!

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2 years ago

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