#709 Badge for Fedora 32 Internationalization test day participants
Closed: fixed 3 years ago by sayanchowdhury. Opened 3 years ago by pnemade.

Badge description (like "You added a co-maintainer to a package. BFF!"):
"You helped to test Fedora 32 i18n features"

Help the badges team understand what this idea is all about. If this badge is awarded for certain kinds of activities:
1) What are those activities?
Testing Fedora 32 for i18n test day on 10th March 2020

2) Who is doing them (are they packagers? translators? newcomers? veterans? users? sponsors?)
It can be anyone but mostly i18n contributors like developers + translators + Fedora QA people

3) Why are they doing them (is this a means to a different end?)
Making Fedora 32 stable release for i18n support.

4) When do they do them (every day? once a year?)
Once each Fedora release. This activity mostly happen whole week.

5) How do they do them (by talking in IRC? by running commands in the console? by using a web interface?)
We communicated on #fedora-test-day and #fedora-i18n

Lastly, do you have any ideas for artwork concepts?
Earlier badge for similar activity for other Fedora release. https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-badges/ticket/693

@tatica Can you please help here?

Badge looks good. Thank you @tatica for your quick help.

Metadata Update from @riecatnor:
- Custom field artwork adjusted to None
- Custom field concept_review_passed adjusted to None
- Issue tagged with: artwork - approved, ready to push

3 years ago

Can this please be pushed to badges system? We have our testday event on coming Tuesday 10th March.

Any help @tatica @riecatnor please.


@pnemade I have pinged some people to take a look. Should be all set soon :)

ok so I merged the art work: https://pagure.io/fedora-badges/pull-request/720

But I can't figure where to declare the badge itself.

Thank you @misc for pushing this badge. But I think this badge has not set to award manually by me. Can you update this badge and provide me permission rights to award it manually.

my fas is pnemade

Hi @riecatnor ,

Can you please check if any developer can assign rights to me to award this badge manually?


@pnemade I have pinged our badge admins for this :) thanks!

Done, sorry, I did miss the earlier notification

@misc I confirm I still can't see the UI to award this badge manually.
I went to other previous badges and I still see UI on those badges to award manually.
e.g. https://badges.fedoraproject.org/badge/f31-i18n-test-day-participant

Anyways, I request you to award this badge to below fas id's


Thank you.

So, using the CLI (which is kinda slow), I get a error for 2 people:
No such person 'modehnal'
No such person 'asagare'

Thank you @misc

modehnal is new to Fedora I guess and don't have yet FAS id
asagare is not part of any Fedora group

if any of them got their profile updated, I will contact you again to award them badges.

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- Issue close_status updated to: fixed
- Issue status updated to: Closed (was: Open)

3 years ago

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