#707 Not getting badges related to FAS
Opened 2 years ago by mukundan314. Modified a year ago

I am not getting the badges White Rabbit, Crypto Badger, Crypto Panda and Baby Badger, Its been more than ten days since i did the actions required to earn the badges

account name is mukundan314

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2 years ago

I have the same issue. I have filled all fields on FAS, but only got CLA signed badge. I didn't get badges for GPG and SSH keys, time zone, tagging location, mugshot, baby badger, changing password and passphare, deactivating and activating again, ask.fedora badge. These are the ones I remember. I logged in Badges app on March 28 for the first time.

It seems that fas is no longer emitting anything on the bus, so the badge application can't award badges.

:crying_cat_face: I hope it gets fixed.

That's unlikely, we suspect this come from fas moving to openshift, and I can't debug it efficiently since FAS is kinda critical (and is also deprecated).
I think the solution is
- work on adding the message to noggin, the FAS replacement
- do award the badges using a cronjob, like a lot of others.

I have a problem with badges. I haven't received the White Rabbit, Crypto Badger, Crypto Pandu, Baby Badger, and Mugshot.
I completed all the tasks for GPG (added my key to 5 servers) and SSH keys, time zone, tag location.

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