#666 Tadpole with legs badge was not rewarded correctly before
Opened 3 years ago by zsun. Modified 3 years ago

I happen to see there is a badge for having FAS for 5 years

And I just realized I don't have it ;-)


According FAS, I signed the FPCA on 2013-02-02 so clearly I've had a FAS for more than 5 years now.
As I don't know about badge or fedmsg, I suggest people to look into if this happens to myself only or to a bunch of people, and correct the triggers if needed.

Hi @zsun, thanks for opening this. The badges awarded for FAS account age are tricky. The badges are awarded when this script is run every Wednesday. However, this ticket is a month old and you still do not have the badge.

I don't know how to debug this. I hope @sayanchowdhury, @ralph, @churchyard, or maybe @kevin / @smooge might know how to debug, since this is running in Fedora Infrastructure (i.e. there should be logs of it running somewhere to investigate).

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3 years ago

I cannot debug this. I know nothing about how and where the script run. I'm Jon Snow when it comes to this script.

When was the last time you earned any badge @zsun . I have a vague memory of being told that these badges have no trigger, but are checked every time you earn any other badge. So it should have been awarded along with the first badge you earned after the interval.

My view of your profile doesn’t show your last a awarded badge but yours should.

Hi @bex ,
The most recent badge I earned is 2019-01-26. But I really wonder if this helps.

Hi @jflory7 ,
According to the badge info page, the last time this tadpole badge is awarded is on 2019-02-06, so I assume it is still running happily. I start to thinking of if there was an infra outage a year ago which affects some of the scripts. I searched and found a planned outage for switch which was scheduled on 2018-02-11(Sunday). But this is just guessing.

@zsun The scheduled outage was a year ago, so I'm not sure if it affects this issue.

This issue needs help from Fedora Infra to debug. @kevin, @smooge, @codeblock, or @bowlofeggs, could any of you offer pointers on debugging this script from ansible.git?

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3 years ago

I have the same issue. My FAS is active since 2013-08-22, but Tadpole with legs was never granted.

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