#654 DevConf.cz 2019 attendee badge
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  • Badge description (like "You added a co-maintainer to a package. BFF!"):

    You attended the 2019 iteration of DevConf.cz, a yearly open-source conference in Brno, Czech Republic.

  • Help the badges team understand what this idea is all about. If this badge is
    awarded for certain kinds of activities:

    Attending DevConf.cz 2019.

  • Who is doing them (are they packagers? translators? newcomers? veterans?
    users? sponsors?)

    Conference attendees.

  • Why are they doing them (is this a means to a different end?)


  • When do they do them (every day? once a year?)

    Once a year.

  • How do they do them (by talking in IRC? by running commands in the console?
    by using a web interface?)

    By attending the conference.

  • Lastly, do you have any ideas for artwork concepts?


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The badge has been pushed and the right to award has been given to @rkratky.


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3 years ago

Hi there,

After receiving a message about getting the DevConf.CZ 2020 badge, I realized that, while I also attended (and gave a talk at) DevConf.CZ 2019, I do not have that badge. How can I go about getting that badge added to my profile?


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