#595 It's a Cake Thing
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Badge description

  • Name: It's a Cake Thing
  • Tagline: You had cake (or other food and beverages) with the FCAIC!
  • Category: miscellaneous, fcaic

How it works

Similar to the "Blessing of the FPL" and "Apex" badges, we thought a badge for the Fedora Community Action and Impact Coordinator, or FCAIC, (currently @bex) made sense. In practice, it is awarded to people who have a conversation with him in-person at an event was a nice tool to build positive community interactions.

Part of the pun is that the acronym FCAIC is said as "F-cake". So the badge is playing off of that pun.


I thought something like a plate with a slice of cake on it, split between two forks (emblazoned with the Fedora logo?) would be cool. As if two people were splitting a piece of cake. A tweet motivated this idea.

Otherwise, it may be cool to design a new "special" panda, similar to the Apex badge with the FPL. That way, that panda could be reused for a badge later about the FCAIC specifically (e.g. like the Apex badge).

This badge has my blessing.

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This badge has my blessing as well.

Hi @maryshak1996, will you still be willing to work on this one, or would you like some help here?

@mleonova I've started working on some cake-related badge artwork that I need to do a little more work on, but I completely understand if you need this finished up more quickly! I'll post what I have so far so that if anyone wants to jump on board, they can feel free!

Hi @maryshak1996 ! Thank you for creating the artwork - it's great! I showed it to @bex today and he has some feedback:
- let's focus on just 1 big piece of cake and have forks coming at it from all sides
- try making it more like chocolate cake
- I would also add some texture like in this example to make it look more yummy and realistic

Let me know if you're open to collaboration on this one ;)

I'm just having a cake with @bex and I would really like to get this badge. I could have been the first person to earn this badge. How can I help?

@asamalik since Mary seems unavailable for this badge at the moment, I'll take a stab at implementing the changes. You can also help - by pushing it once it's apporved :)

I think I like both designs, the fork free one is slightly easier on the eyes I think.

I like what the first variant shows — the forks are funny to me. But visually, the second one looks better to me — it's clean and simple. If I had to make a decision and no one else had any preference, I would probably chose the second one.

Well, @asamalik and @bex , it's the same design - only the svg is not previewing forks :)) I'll be happy to get rid of them if you'd like!

Even software bugs can be designers, amazing! :-D

hahah that a bug helped the design. Great work everyone!

I like it. @jflory7 @jonatoni @sumantrom any opinions?

I love it :) Can't wait to get this badge 🤗

@mleonova great job :smile:

@mleonova this is awesome :D

I am waiting for this one :D

Hey @riecatnor, looks good =) I do think though it lookes yummier sans the outline, and fits ok with the cookie badges:


But maybe I'm just biased towards my work lol :D I would love to hear what others think!

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