#96 jigdo spec: Rename, add new metadata key
Merged 4 years ago by jlebon. Opened 4 years ago by walters.
walters/fedora-atomic add-jigdo-meta  into  master

fedora-atomic-host.spec fedora-atomic-host-oirpm.spec
file renamed
@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@ 

  Release:	1%{?dist}

  Summary:	Image (rpm-ostree jigdo) for Fedora Atomic Host

  License:	MIT

+ #@@@rpmostree_jigdo_meta@@@




We're using "jigdoRPM" over "OIRPM" now, and anyways it's
best if the .spec name matches its generated package.

Also add the new v2/v3 magic comment.

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4 years ago