#129 Include fedora-repos-ostree package in F29 AH ostree
Merged 3 years ago by jlebon. Opened 3 years ago by sinnykumari.
sinnykumari/fedora-atomic f29  into  f29

file modified
+2 -1
@@ -125,7 +125,8 @@ 




-          "podman"],

+          "podman",

+          "fedora-repos-ostree"],


      "packages-aarch64": ["grub2-efi", "ostree-grub2",

                           "efibootmgr", "shim", "atomic-devmode",

Provides default ostree remote config to be used

Signed-off-by: Sinny Kumari sinny@redhat.com

Note: Should be merged only when fedora-repos-29-5 hits f29-updates . it's batched for stable in bodhi

fedora-repos-29-5 is available as f29-updates, should be ok to get merged

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3 years ago