#118 podman: Add podman to packages
Merged 5 years ago by jlebon. Opened 5 years ago by dustymabe.
dustymabe/fedora-atomic dusty-f28  into  f28

file modified
+2 -1
@@ -124,7 +124,8 @@ 




-          "attr"],

+          "attr",

+          "podman"],


      "packages-aarch64": ["grub2-efi", "ostree-grub2",

                           "efibootmgr", "shim", "atomic-devmode",

@miabbott - please comment here on the status of rawhide tests since we included podman in rawhide. From my testing everything looks good.

I can confirm that docker does not magically break with podman added. Merging!

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5 years ago