#87 Give a file name to ics output
Closed: Fixed None Opened 8 years ago by kparal.

Currently if I decide to save an ics file, it's unnamed. Firefox displays an empty space instead of of a text label where the output file name should be displayed. After saving such a file, it's named with a random string, like 8WGTtjTM.ics. This is quite confusing. Can you either give it a static name (the same for all calendars), like calendar.ics, or can you name it after the calendar in question, like QA.ics? It can also contain a timestamp, as QA-2014-01-15-10-38.ics, for example :)

Ok I have something for this, but the filename will only contain the date, not the time.

Is that alright?

I can add the time if you prefer.

Sure, that's certainly OK. Thanks.

You forgot to add the .ics extension.

The problem was due to trying to add the time, that introduced a space in the name and it was cut at that space loosing what was behind.

Fixed in https://github.com/fedora-infra/fedocal/pull/83

So the filename will have the date and the time finally :)

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