#56 Add "year view" or "month view"
Opened 8 years ago by lbrabec. Modified 4 years ago

It would be nice to have year/month view - show whole year or month at once with mark at days that have meeting.

[http://lbrabec.fedorapeople.org/fedocal-gui.html I did some initial work] for our internal purposes, but as kparal suggested, it would be nice to integrate it with fedocal.

That's interesting indeed. I like the like you've provided as well.

There is actually kind of something like this:

But as you can see it is largely under-documented.

Would this work for you though?

Started in branch dev040

Ok so with the version 0.4.0, using the list view one can see the meetings of a day, a month or a year using the search fields on the side, but that's not quite what you asked here.

I want to release 0.4.0 so I'll postpone this ticket and hopefully we'll get it in in 0.5.0.

Ok I started something along the line but not quite what you asked.

Attached is a screenshot of the little month calendar on the left side with the changes. What do you think?

There is no pop-up, not sure about adding one, if we were to add some, I guess it should go to a different view than the one we have now. I just don't quite know where/how to embed such view.


So the screenshot I posted is implemented in https://github.com/fedora-infra/fedocal/pull/104

I'm going to release 0.5.0 with this, but since this doesn't quite solve the present issue I'm postponing it.

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