#53 Create different calendars, so they could be synced with the Magazine Calendar
Opened 8 years ago by mitzie. Modified 4 years ago

We have added recently a calendar on the Magazine. The calendar[1] we choose supports iCal as an import option, and we would like to make it as an automatic process to sync from fedocal. We have also opened a ticket (which was approved) to FASCo to make it mandatory for ambassadors to add their events there. The only problem is, that when syncing from the fedocal all the events synced (from one calendar) go under one category. So we could create different categories (such as Release Parties, Fudcons/Fads, Software freedom days, and general foss events etc) so all the content could be categorized correctly and shown on the magazine's calendar

I'll have to think about this one as my first thoughts are not really positive.
It basically implies creating categories for event and allow viewing events per category and associated an iCal feed for these.

Duable, but I will want to revise the current construction of the meetings first, see #31

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