#52 RFE: Let non admins propose events but only let admins approve them
Closed: Fixed None Opened 8 years ago by ankursinha.

As far as I know, only admins can add new events to calendars in fedocal. For example, in the "Events" calendar, FAmSCo members are admins, and only they can add events. Would it be possible to let non admins '''propose''' events?


Non admin proposes event -> event waits for approval from an admin -> admin approves -> event added.

This would make the calendar more collaborative, since anyone with an FAS ID will be able to propose events. The admins won't have to do it themselves, they'll only need to approve events.

I see this making fedocal more accessible to the community in general.


I seem to be able to add meetings to all calendars. I may have gotten this wrong. Please close the ticket if this is the case.

There will not be something like: I propose, admin accept/reject, however in the next release (due in September) the authorization model changes a little.

There will be three groups:
fedocal admin -> all rights on all calendar/meetings
calendar admin -> all rights on all meeting of a specific calendar
* editor -> ability to add meeting to a calendar and edit/delete their own meetings.

These groups are defined per FAS groups. By default, is editor anyone that is CLA+1, unless the editors are restricted to a certain group. By default, there is no calendar admin (fedocal admin are always present).

So for the event calendar things could look like:
fedocal admin: sysadmin_calendar group in FAS
calendar admin: FAmsCO group in FAS
* editor: member of the ambassador group

Note that I would have nothing against having editor of the event calendar remain CLA+1.

Does this answer your question? If so, feel free to close the ticket :)

Ah! I didn't know this was already in progress. This should work just fine :)

Closing the ticket.

Warm regards,

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