#41 Switch fedocal to use flask_fas_openid
Closed: Fixed None Opened 8 years ago by pingou.

At the moment we are using flask_fas, we should switch to openid.

I attached patch proposal, package python-fedora-flask is needed.

Thanks for your patch and starting to look into this.

I should have mentioned that puiterwijk also started to work on this, his patch is at:

Regarding your work, the line 53, 54 are not needed (the APP.config addition).
Your approach of auth_login is better though.

I'll have to check for the change in the template, as I basically don't want to have the submenu User if you're not login, just a 'Login' button in the menu and the submenu only if you are logging.
Could you look into this? :)

PS: if you could submit your patch using git format-patch that would be awesome as it would give me the possibility to attribute you the work ;-)

Ok, I removed config lines. No submenu if user not logged (with little hack to temporary disable accordion). And also patch created with git format-patch :-)

Just by looking at it, it looks good :)

One tiny comment, please use the flask.ext construct:
- from flask_fas_openid import FAS
+ from flask.ext.fas_openid import FAS

Also, you have 3 lines with trailing space

in this line:

FAS Log in

Why the {{{+ ''}}} ?

new patch proposal (removed character parasites)

Just relic of testing, I overlooked it..

Looking good :)

I'm not a big fan of the hack on the accordion, but right now I don't see another solution so this might just do.

Thanks for the work!

btw, in the javascript part .live has been deprecated for .on, but I can adjust this before committing/pushing.

Well, this is now fixed and is the last item open for 0.2.0 :)

Forgot to add, thanks for your work!

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