#38 scheduling a recurring meeting doesn't start on the correct date
Closed: Invalid None Opened 9 years ago by tflink.

I just created a reoccurring meeting which starts on 2013-05-20 (today is 2013-05-14). However, when I view the relevant calendar, the meetings start occurring from 2013-05-13 which is one week before the meeting is supposed to start.

Ok I cannot reproduce this locally nor on stg: https://admin.stg.fedoraproject.org/calendar/

Are you sure the date field was correct?

hm, still cannot reproduce this one, may I ping you when the new version hits staging?

Hi Tim,

I was wondering, could you maybe try to reproduce it on ?

It seems to be working fine for me (maybe it has been fixed while fixing something else).

Ok closing this for now.

Please re-open it if you can reproduce the problem I would be very happy to investigate/fix it.

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