#23 Desktop or CLI client
Opened 10 years ago by pingou. Modified 5 years ago

In the long term it might be cool if we have a cli or desktop client for fedocal.

This might need, more work on the API (beside all the work on the client).

Given that we provide standard calendar feeds, is a separate app a real need?

Thinking about this a bit more, should we consider refactoring the application into a separate front-end and back-end?

back-end: Manage the DB of events and editing; Send emails; create a new complete static .ics file after every edit.

front-end: read and display static .ics files; serve .ics urls for other clients; aggregation, and sub-calendaring, etc. as referenced in tickets like #53 and #161. This would also solve #156 as .ics files could always be complete with negligible load.

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