#161 Custom aggregated calendar
Opened 5 years ago by langdon. Modified 5 years ago

I would like to select X number of meetings and then get a calendar feed with all those meetings on the calendar. So I can subscribe to one feed.

Arggh, really, I don't mean "meetings" I mean "calendars" as far as fedocal is concerned. However, most of the calendars have only one meeting, hence the confusion. My goal here is that I want to go to the Server-WG, the Modularity-WG, the Workstation-WG, and Council Meetings and I would like one feed for this.

It would be particularly nice to have a single feed that can be imported wholesale into other calendaring systems, like, say, Google Calendar.

But I don't think we want an "everything available on fedocal" stream, because that's too much. (Vacations should probably be separate, say.)

Hmmm — maybe a "meetings" feed aggregating everything in any of the #fedora-meeting* channels?

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