#152 Client side reminders for a complete calendar
Opened 8 years ago by pingou. Modified 6 years ago

At the moment, when downloading a single meeting to your calendar, you can add client-side reminder (ie: have your phone, own calendar remind you about the meeting).

This is nice and people like it, but we should add this feature as an option when adding a complete calendar.

This would then add a client-side reminder to all the event present in the calendar.
This would likely be an argument to specify to the download URL.

I'd like to try working on this. How do I start? Thanks :)

how do you think that it can be implemented in a cross platform manner, using [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Webcal Webcal] or [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GroupDAV GroupDAV] and URI for Android and ios is very different too!

And pointers on where to look and how to fix this ticket are needed for me to work on this.

We basically want to set the reminder argument in the call to fedocallib.add_meetings_to_vcal() in fedocal/init.py ical_out() method (line ~615).

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