#149 some events randomly either disappear or appear multiplicated many times over
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In the last few weeks, I've been seeing weird issues in our QA calendar subscribed into my Google Calendar account. Sometimes, certain events disappear. Sometimes, they appear again. And quite often, they appear multiplicated - three times, five times, even nine times!

This problem seems to occur only for certain events - for example, I've never seen it for Fedora QA Meeting or Fedora QA Devel Meeting, but it happens very frequently for Blocker Review Meeting or certain Test Days. Maybe it affects only events created after a certain fedocal update?

I have the same experience with Google Calendar in a browser and Google Calendar on Android - they sometimes multiplicate events. The interesting this is that they don't do it at the same time - last week I had multiplicated events on my phone, but in the browser it was fine. Yesterday I had multiplicated events in the browser, but on my phone it was fine. Today, both of them are fine.

I'm starting to suspect that this is not a particular calendar client issue, but I'd probably see this on Evolution from time to time as well, if I used it regularly. Maybe there's a bug in ics which sometimes generates duplicate events? Or assigns different IDs to the same event in time?

During the last week when my phone displayed multiplicated events, the number of events seemed to be growing each day. So one day, I had three copies of a particular test day. The next day, I had four, or five. The same stuff seemed to happen for other multiplicated events as well.

For the record, I haven't seen this problem since I reported it.

I'm a little inclined in closing this ticket if the bug hasn't occurred again since you reported it. Maybe there was a glitch in the matrix that somehow got fix.

If the issue is still occurring however, I'm all for keeping this open and trying to fix it :)

I haven't seen it since. Closing.

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