#145 Editing a recurring event often selects a wrong instance
Closed: Fixed None Opened 7 years ago by kparal.

First, I displayed
which occurs on Jan 12, and after hitting Edit, I saw Jan 12 in the form. Then I hit back in the browser, selected the following week, and displayed
which occurs on Jan 19, and after hitting Edit, I saw Jan 26 in the form. That's a bug. Then I hit back in the browser, selected the previous week, and displayed
again. But this time, after hitting Edit, I saw Jan 19 in the form instead of Jan 12.

So, I don't know exactly the reproduction steps, but it seems that the first event you try to edit displays the correct date, but all further events you try to edit in that series display a wrong date (one week into the future).

I'll look into this but in the meanwhile check the URL of the edit page, it should basically contain the date you can see in the form.

If I try to edit the meeting on Jan 19, the url is
but the form contains 2015-01-26 in Date field.

hm, I can't reproduce this locally and I wonder if this hasn't been fixed by https://github.com/fedora-infra/fedocal/pull/159

That link is probably wrong, it's from Oct 31. I can reproduce very easily both in Firefox and Epiphany. Please note that this bug occurs only after hitting Edit and looking into the edit form.

It's old but I have made a fedocal release in a little while (Oct 6, 2014 apparently).

I can't reproduce it anymore. Seems to be fixed!

Cool, thanks for double-checking it :)

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