#134 Accept multiple email addresses for "send reminder to"
Closed: Fixed None Opened 7 years ago by jzb.

Some meetings are relevant to more than one group (example: Fedora Atomic meetings with Infrastructure, some workgroup meetings). It'd be great to be able to send a reminder to two or more lists when a meeting may be relevant to those folks.

BTW, I deduced this from fedocal/forms.py:
remind_who = wtforms.TextField(
'Send reminder to',
[wtforms.validators.Email(), wtforms.validators.optional()])
So if I'm wrong about needing the RFE, blame me and not Joe! :-)

I don't know if just putting the addresses in a comma-separated list will work. If it doesn't I'll have to add support for it.

But I won't be able before next week :)

Next week or thereabouts would be fantastic. Thanks!

Stupid question: 1 email sent to all the addresses or multiple emails each sent to 1 address?

Not a stupid question - one email sent to all the addresses. Thanks!

Merged so that will be in the next fedocal release :)

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