#133 Some of our meetings got shifted in time in iCal
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In our QA calendar we have a weekly Monday QA meetings and bi-weekly Monday QA-devel meetings. Everything seemed fine today, until I deleted today's occurrence of QA-devel meeting. Then something broke.

In Fedocal, all of future QA and QA-devel meetings still look OK, they are display at 15:00 UTC (QA) and 14:00 UTC (QA-devel). But in everything consuming ics, i.e. Google Calendar, Zimbra and Evolution, I see them at 21:00 and 20:00 CEST, which means 19:00 and 18:00 UTC. So they got shifted by +4 hours.

I have no idea what's wrong. I guess that if I delete the whole series and recreate it, it will get fixed. I can do that if needed. But first, I'd like us to find the root cause of the bug so that it doesn't happen again.

The ics file is attached. Do you see any obvious errors? Thanks for looking into this.

Ok I found a way to make the iCal valid again (line 5, TZID should be one line below) but I have no idea why fedocal generates it this way.


I think I found it, the iCal generated was fine but there was a double timezone conversion that should.

I manually fix it on the server, if you could test it and confirm/decline, I'll make a new release or investigate more accordingly :)

This might also solve #132 (hopefully)

It works in Evolution and in Google Calendar. Thanks!

Awesome, once reviewed (you can do it), I'll merge and likely do a release tomorrow :)

Thanks for the report!

Btw, what about #132?

I can review, but I can just check that it's syntactically correct, nothing more :-)

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