#126 Full day meetings disappear
Closed: Fixed None Opened 7 years ago by lbrabec.

I encountered strange behavior of full day meetings in calendar. Full day meeting is shown/now shown on every even/odd click in minicalendar.

  1. create full day meeting in current week
  2. it isn't shown in calendar
  3. click on another day in this week in minicalendar
  4. meeting is shown
  5. click on another day in this week in minicalendar
  6. meeting isn't shown
  7. goto 3

It also happens if you click on "home" button. Every second click the full day meetings disappear/reappear.

Since that is not the case for any full day meeting, I'll need more information to debug this.

Could you point me to the meeting you created? I wonder if that is not related to #120

It seems to happen for all our full-day meetings. For example, please have a look at:


and click several times on the minicalendar (on the same week, just to refresh the page).

There are more affected events in the following weeks.

Seems to be a difference b/w the two application servers :-s

If you check curl -v on the url you can see fedocal02 shows it but not fedocal01

Now both application servers are returning the full day meetings it seems.

I reinstall fedocal on both servers, restarted apache and after some trial and head scratching the bots (or Agent Smith) fixed the glitch in the matrix :)

If you could try on your side to see if it still happens that would be nice :)

Seems to be working now, thanks.

No idea what fixed it, let's hope it doesn't happen again but since it's fixed for now, let's close this ticket :)

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