#125 FedoCal and California cooperation or similar .ics, .ical connection by desktop apps?
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Looks like the upcoming Gnome 3.14 release possibly will contain a new calendar app, that is called California. https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/California

Yes, totally new app, but perhaps in the future will be useful to have it as default app for ambassador schedule, and further tasks as desktop connection. Technically would be cool by FedoCal to provide .ics or .ical output that can be feeded by Evolution, or California, or by Geary. So the question is the following:

  • Is it possible to have some connection to desktop apps that can eat .ics or .ical?
  • If I modify on my desktop app an event or a note/date is it possible to update online too?
  • Fedmsg support as tasks noting?

I'm not sure I understand all the questions here but

Does this answer all your questions?

No reaction, so closing this ticket.

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