#124 Extra Sundays meetings shown in iCal export, but not Fedocal
Closed: Fixed None Opened 7 years ago by kparal.

In the QA calendar, I created recurring "Fedora QA Devel Meeting". I wanted to create it on Monday, but I guess I made a mistake and created it on Sunday (or it was a bug in Fedocal, I don't know). So then I moved the whole meeting (all occurrences) to Mondays. It showed on Mondays fine, but there was left one stray Sunday meeting. So I deleted it manually.

Right now, I see only Mondays meetings in Fedocal, which is OK.

But, in Google Calendar, I see two extra Sundays meetings (June 1 and June 15) which shouldn't be there, and which are not displayed in Fedocal. So I have no way to delete them.

It seems there's some disparity between Fedocal rendering and Google Calendar rendering. Or, the database doesn't match the exported ical file.

Do you have the meeting ID?

Got it, it's the meeting https://apps.fedoraproject.org/calendar/meeting/312/ and I can see the meeting on June 1 and 15 in its iCal output.

I'll look into this

Should be fixed in prod, could you double-check?

The Sunday meetings disappeared from Google Calendar, everything seems OK. Thanks!

Great, thanks for confirming!

Unfortunately, once again I see the extra Sunday meeting in Google Calendar. It's "Fedora QA Devel meeting" again, and it appears on Jun 1st and Jun 15th. I don't see it further in the future.

Arf of course, when trying to fix #126 I reinstalled fedocal which has removed the fixes I had made for this issue.

I'll see if I can do the release tomorrow otherwise I'll see at fixing this again.

With 0.7+ being in prod, this should be fixed, could you confirm?

Looks fixed even in Google Calendar.

Awesome, thanks for checking it kparal :)

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