#116 Indicate that there are hidden events on the page
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Unless you have a really big monitor, you see only a fraction of the day by default (for example midnight - 10 AM). If you want to find out, whether there are any events in the evening, you need to scroll the page down. Then you need to scroll it back up, to switch to the next week, and the again scroll to the bottom to look at evening, and back up.

It's easy to miss a meeting, and it's inconvenient to scroll up and down all the time.

Now imagine! We could add a icon to the bottom of the page for each day where there is some event hidden below the browser edge. The icon would be glued to the browser bottom edge, until you scroll down far enough so that the last event of that day is visible. Then this icon would disappear.

I'm adding a rough sketch of this idea.

Nice idea, it will require a little bit of javascript but should be doable.

Maybe this would help get started http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5353934/check-if-element-is-visible-on-screen

Marking as easyfix if someone with some JS experience wants to have a look at it.

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