#113 Highlight current calendar in the list
Closed: Fixed None Opened 8 years ago by kparal.

When I look at some particular calendar, like:


it would be nice to have "QA" item highlighted in the list of the left side, so that it's obvious which calendar is selected and that there are some actions you can do with it.

Ok guys, I created my dev-instance within virtualenv and tried to poke around this issue, but my version of fedocal looks a little different than that one on apps.fedoraproject.org

Please see attached screenshot.

This is fedocal instance that I pulled from the master branch from github. It's running default template (that only one that is created)

Ok, sorry guys - that was my noscript plugin in chrome denying jquery from working - it's very late here ;)

I've attached the view of highlighted calendar in the menu.

docent: Could you perhaps change it to something more visible, not just an outline? The background should change, not just the frame.

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