#101 Recurring meeting deleted when not asked to
Closed: Fixed None Opened 8 years ago by kparal.

I created a recurring fullday meeting occurring every friday for the next two months. Then I clicked on the second occurrence (next week) and chose to delete it. I did not choose to delete the other occurrences as well. However, after confirming the action, the whole set of events was deleted. I expected only the second event to be deleted, thus leaving the first occurrence and all future occurrences (from third on) intact.

Ok the current behavior is kinda clumsy indeed.

For recursive meeting the recursivity isn't break so it deletes the whole meeting whether you checked the box or not...

I tested the change.

Good news: The recurring meeting is no longer deleted completely (all events).

Bad news: I still can't deleted a second (or any other) occurrence. When I try to do that, the first occurrence is deleted instead. E.g. if I have a weekly meeting repeated 4 times, and try to delete the second event, it removed the first event and events 2, 3 and 4 are kept there.

Ok so for reference the problem was that I had fixed the full_day meetings but forgot to propagate the changes to the regular meetings...

Fix in git, same p-r

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