Welcome GSoC and Outreachy applicants!

This repo is brand new and it's meant to be :)

Beginner tasks

Thank you for your interest in the project. Please go through the following list of tasks to see if anything interests you. These tasks will let you implement whatever you've researched about the project :)

  • Research about fedmsg and Perceval.

fedmsg is extensively documented and is used in a lot of Fedora applications. You can read the documentation on Read the Docs and review applications that are found in the fedora-infra GitHub repository.

  • Write a minimal fedmsg app which can trigger an event (can be anything like tweeting, sending an IRC message, or anything crazy {Remember, sky is the limit!}) using fedmsg.

To get started with this task, please go through Ralph Bean's slides on How to build your own fedmsg applications. It is a good starting point if you think fedmsg documentation doesn't answer your questions.

  • Write a basic Perceval plugin which pulls data from any REST API you like (yep, ANY!)

Perceval has a lot of backends defined already. If you like some real-time examples, head over to the Perceval backend code and review all the Python files available there. For instructions on how to use Perceval to gather data, read the training manual designed by Grimoirelab developers :)

Resources & Quick Reference

Fedmsg :

Perceval :

Getting started with Grimoire:

Writing fedmsg plugins :

Existing plugins (code) :

If you have any questions about the tasks, please feel free to email skamath [at] fedoraproject [dot] org, or hop on to Freenode IRC and say hello to skamath on #fedora-outreachy or #fedora-summer-coding channel.