#440 Next elections: FAmSCo vs. Mindshare
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There is already a proposal to start with Mindshare for the next release cycle and it is on the Council's table. However, as FAmSCo is indirectly involved in this topic, we should give the Council an advice of how to proceed.
There are two options right now:

  • Appoint and elect Mindshare members during next elections
  • Wait another release cycle and ask for FAmSCo elections (there would be 4 seats open)

My thoughts are:
Mindshare will never be perfect to find a starting point, we need probably to dive into it and then optimize the tasks/responsibilities/etc once they come up. This will take some time, but it's the best solution to get it working right away.
FAmSCo has done some retooling and opened the communication as much as possible. There is not much FAmSCo can do to move forward.
That said, I would be in favor of starting with Mindshare now.

Can we collect your opinions and then suggest our decision to the Council? I think it will be discussed by the Council next week, so we should have something ready before that time.

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3 years ago

As I said even during the meeting I'm +1 to start now with the Mindshare.

I brought this up today and the Council approved the proposal.

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3 years ago

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