#436 Remove deceased Ambassador from Ambassador FAS group
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After discussing in #fedora-ambassadors, I came to file a ticket to request that lorddrachenblut be removed from the Ambassador FAS group (specifically, so his account doesn't appear on the list of active Ambassadors. He passed away on December 7th, 2016.

If it were me in this scenario, I would want my name removed from this list. This isn't about changing or tarnishing his legacy, but more out of respect for him and his memory, and so that people won't reach out to him without knowing the context of what has happened.

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4 years ago

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4 years ago

+1 absolutely agree.
From my point of view I'm +1 for also removing all the reference to him everywhere in the Project pages.

I also think we could, to not forget, edit a page with the names of our friends that are not with us anymore.


I am +1 to set his account as inactive, keeping his contributions in Fedora world. What he did shouldn't be cancelled entirely, IMHO.

We did similar actions also with other contributors; We set their account as inactive and they don't show up anywhere anymore, but their contributions are kept. (that means -1 to remove him from the FAS group)

Infrastructure set his account as inactive. I think this ticket can now be closed.

I'm going to close this ticket as invalid, as FAmSCo is not accountable for these kind of decisions.

However, as long as I can remember we always set accounts as inactive to keep contributions of our passed away friends in Fedora world, unless there is a specific request from their family.
This has been done now by Infrastructure and I don't see any reason for further action here. If you still feel we need to do something else, please file a Council ticket.

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4 years ago

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