#433 new mentors for LATAM
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We discussed this briefly during our meeting today, but were not able to get it through, as we had no quorum. Please read the logs to know more of what has been asked about the two nominations.
As per the new mentor nomination rules, FAmSCo will not vote on the nominations unless there are concrete concerns and a blocker from one of us.
Therefor I'm calling for lazy consensus until monday 13th without any need to get even 3 +1's. Without a -1 from a FAmSCo member the proposed mentors are approved and we will advice FAmA to make all the needed administrative steps.

Usually I'm not for a plenty of mentors, I thinks it's a tricky job and it's worth to be deep examined.
Of course a Region (rules) can nominate a Mentor, and in that sense FAmSCo can't do nothing.
I still don't see the mentor's approval in the FAmA ticket ("The nominating process starts with a ticket in the FAmA trac, where mentors get asked to give their +1/0/-1 to the nomination. As per lazy consensus, all votes with 0 or -1 have to be explained with a reason. Once the nominee gets at least 3 +1s, his nomination counts as mentor-approved.") so I can't give my +1 so far.

Furthermore I have two/three things to say here:

1) in the meeting Alexove spoke in spanish; this is not the first time I say I'd like to let people read English (even if a bad English like mine) instead of other languages, although, as Italian, I can understand Spanish. If Alexove can't grant he will speak English in the Fedora official meetings I can't give my approval to him (who's also a nominee for a FAmSCo seat).

2) I trust in the Regions so if one of them reach the quorum for pushing a candidate, I don't have anything to say.

3) In the past we have been not really open to new entrants in mentorship; maybe with the last changes we could get more from this activity.

For me, is a -1 so far, waiting for the Mentors vote and an assurance he will speak English in the official Fedora channels.



So we have 3 +1s now, and I'm going to make another call for lazy consensus.
Without any -1 from a FAmSCo member until monday 28th, @alexove and @danniel are approved as mentors and FAmA will be asked to take action.

This is approved, FAmA will take action and add permissions.
Please, @alexove and @danniel take time to read the mentor rules and processes of mentoring.
If you have any doubts or questions, just get in contact with FAmA.
Thank you.

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