#421 FAmA, mentoring and trac migration
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We all agreed to try to improve the mentoring process, that's why we should start from top and reorder our FAmA stuff a bit.

background analysis

FAmA is in charge of maintaining the FAmA trac, where mentors file their tickets for their mentorees. He also is admin of the FAmA mentor mailing list and has commit access to the git repo, where we have many scripts and tools for ambassadors' statistics.

implementation recommendation

@tuanta, the actual FAmA, replied to me he is ok with finding a new FAmA, in order to get all these things fixed and improved. While some of them are not used anymore (there are some scripts which don't even work anymore), there are other things which could help to get more data about the ambassador group.

I have commit access to the FAmA git repo and can also admin the FAmA trac, so I could move the trac to pagure and reach out to all mentors through the FAmA ML, in order to tell them how to proceed with new and active tickets. Are you ok with this first step? Alternatives are welcome!

We can discuss the rest later on, the migration is just a small part of all the work the new FAmA has to do to get things ordered and in place again.

Yes, I think this is the best way to start.

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I talked a bit to long time mentors and past FAmA about the migration. This is going to be a tricky one, as we have tickets with sensitive data even here (and we have 1300 tickets). I tried to reach out to the fama-mentors list but didn't get any reply or advice/opinion. So, I will just go ahead considering the informations I got, but there is much more work related on that:

  • Trac migration has to be done as private, open tickets need to be public
  • Git repo migration needs to be added separately with a README
  • Mentors have to be admins or added as a group
  • New ticket template needed
  • Filing tickets needs to be slightly different as on fedorahosted.org
  • Old tickets should be closed before migrating them (too many are still open but out of date <-- that's a FAmA responsibility

So, as I have all permissions needed (but am not FAmA) I can do the migration to pagure, but we will have to add this ASAP to the next agenda. Checking mentor's status is related to that, but is just a task inside this process IMO.
Any objections from your side? Or advises?


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5 years ago

I have completed the migration of the FAmA trac and the FAmA git repo to pagure:

I have already reached out to all mentors to update them about the change. We will need a new template soon, but all this could be part of the reorganization of the mentoring process.

Finally, Tuan is not continuing as FAmA, so we should find a new one. If wanted I can take this over as I have read all the rules, scripts and pages for the last weeks; let's find a few minutes in the agenda to talk about that. Any other opinions, proposals, whatever?

Should we make admins only the active mentors?
so the inactive mentors couldn't approve new ambassadors without the proper mentoring.

No, because this is the FAmA trac, and only FAmA should have commit access to the repo. Tickets are just part of this pagure project, but if anyone closes tickets, admins will get a notification. This has nothing to do with sponsoring ambassadors, because that has to be done in FAS, where mentors have appropriate permissions.

Mentors have to be admins or added as a group

and where is that from?
and what is the purpose of it?

This was an initial thought, yes, but as we have also the repo inside, it is not appropriate.

I want to propose nb (Nick Bebout) as FAmA. He is a mentor from NA, knows almost everything in Fedora world and is volunteering to help with FAmA.

I'll make a call for lazy consensus here, we should get at least 3 positive votes and no -1, would be nice if we can get this set by tomorrow.

Here is my +1.

+1 from me.



This has been approved now. Thanks to all.

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