#416 Check actual state of all mentors
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While reviewing quickly all ambassadors mentors I realized some of them in the wiki page are not even mentors in FAS. The page can be edited and is not set up by a script, so that probably explains the reason.

We should, after many years, reach out to all mentors and ask them about their actual working/contributing/mentoring state. If they are temporarily unavailable we need to state that clearly in the wiki page, some other might not have the time anymore and want to step down.

The goal here is not to do any forced removal, but to update every single mentor status accordingly. I'm adding also our FAmA in CC.

And what happens if our FAmA is unavailable? It's been quite a long time that I see nothing from him and the last news I got was that he was too busy, having no or little time.
Is there anything planned for this case if it ever happens?

FAmA is an instrument initiated by FAmSCo so you can change the situation ;)

susmit, fabian and i stepped back from a pro-active FAmA Role years ago, but you can still send e-mails to fama@fedorap.... as the tradition of the handover from one famsco to the new famsco chair is also not maintained since a while i added robyduck to gitfama to have the power to act on it if necessary

just tested fama@ and i am not sure it is still working the original proof that it existed is here ...

Thank you @jsimon, can you also add fama trac permissions? This is where mentor's tickets are and where we define the welcome mails. Also, we need to migrate that trac to pagure too....

The fama@ mail alias is still working, but only herlo's mail address is associated with it. I can change that.

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@giannisk will reach out to all mentors asking about their actual availability and updating the wiki page accordingly.


We tried to contact all mentors more than once, got replies from most of them and have updated the wiki page accordingly.

NOTE: the wiki page has been locked, for any change only FAmA can make a request, which actually are @giannisk @nb and myself.

Closing as fixed, thanks to all for the help!

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