#50 [RFE] An EoL Policy for EPEL8 modules
Opened 2 years ago by mprahl. Modified 2 years ago

As we prepare for EPEL8 modules, could EPSCO come up with an EoL policy for modules? Can packagers maintain short-lived EPEL8 modules or must we maintain modules for the lifespan of RHEL8? If we can have short-lived EPEL8 modules, how do we declare the EoL? What is the minimum EoL?

How does the following proposal sound:

EPEL Package Lifetimes

All packages have a designed lifetime of one minor release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux or 1 year whichever comes first. Packages can have announced updates and removals when EPEL announces it is archiving the last minor release. Modules can have their lifetimes enforced with the fpdc tools when this is possible.

That sounds fine, but I think we also need to make sure and notify people about stuff thats nearing eol... perhaps a weekly report with all modules and their eol date so maintainers could extend them or users can know to switch.

I agree on that. I don't know how much work that will take to implement but we can put it on the must-list.

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