#48 RFE: Submit questionnaire questions in Elections app
Opened 4 years ago by jflory7. Modified 3 years ago


Questions for the election questionnaire should be submitted inside of the Elections app.


This was also discussed in the last CommOps meeting. The questionnaire used for candidate interviews has poor engagement before the campaign period. Currently, questions are manually added to a Fedora wiki page (which is also now limited to FAS+1 account holders). We believe the questionnaire would be more engaging if it were part of the Election app.

Questions would ideally be subject to moderation first by the Fedora election wranger (who right now is @jkurik). This way, if question submission rate grows, the election wrangler will at least have a chance to perform some basic moderation to ensure that only serious questions are added to the questionnaire.

Additionally, an extra benefit of having this functionality inside of the Elections app is that it might improve awareness (and therefore, number of views) of candidate interviews as well.


  1. Eligible voter or project contributor logs into Election app
  2. Opens page for upcoming election they want to participate in
  3. User sees list of questions for candidate interviews (to be published during campaign period), also text box + "Submit question" button to submit their own question
  4. User enters question to submit to questionnaire, receives confirmation dialogue confirming their question
  5. Done! User has now submitted question to the questionnaire for candidates


You mentioned that a revised system is in development and testing for Implementation item 3, as to publishing of candidate interviews. As you will recall, I had trouble so publishing in the most recently started and then cancelled election cycle

@herrold thanks for your update here.

At this time, as far as I know, no one has offered to implement this functionality in the elections app. We are going with a new plan of using a Pagure Repo and private issues. I will be rolling out a test later today and email you to test it.

Before anyone claims this, I suggest we do docs driven development here and ensure we know what we are building before we write any code.

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