#47 RFE: Allow for nomination of candidates inside Elections app
Opened 4 years ago by jflory7. Modified 4 years ago


Candidates should be nominated within the Elections app instead of writing to a wiki page to nominate a candidate.


As discussed in the last CommOps meeting, we thought it would be helpful to build the candidate nomination process into the Elections app. The benefit of doing this is to help make it easier for community members to submit nominations for candidates instead of using a wiki page, which can sometimes be difficult or confusing to do.


  1. Eligible voter or project contributor logs into Election app
  2. Opens page for upcoming election they want to nominate a candidate for
  3. User sees list of candidates, as well as field to "Nominate candidate" if eligible
  4. User clicks button, types FAS account username (auto-completion?)
  5. Press enter, then a confirmation to nominate candidate for election
  6. Done! User has now submitted nomination for an election

I think auto-completion is the best solution. With hundreds of FAS to choose from chances are of mistyping or confusing usernames.

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