#45 Add support for claiming badge from voting
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After voting, a user can click a link to receive a badge for participating in the elections (similar to Nuancier).


Ideally, there should be a way to determine if a badge is available for an individual election or for all elections globally. I think the current idea is to make it so that there is just one badge for the entire election cycle, but it may make more sense to design it so that each individual link is set up with a badge claim code, should there ever be a need or desire to create a badge for a specific election.

It would be claimed like in Nuancier, where the user is presented with the link to the badge immediately after submitting their vote to any given election.


  1. Choose an election, vote.
  2. Submit votes.
  3. On post-vote / confirmation page, "Thanks for voting! etc." and clickable link with the badge claim URL

Currently we have [https://badges.fedoraproject.org/badge/fedora-25-change-accepted badges for approved Changes] which are specific for every release. As we always have elections after a release I would prefer to have the Election badge specific for a release in the same way (same design, just different number of the release). In case there will be elections which are not related to a release cycle, we can always have an extra badge associated with the voting or no badge (depends on the election organizer).

an implementation that might be acceptable here, would be to have a report that can be run by the elections administrator that provides a list of fas ids that want the badge. I believe we can then use a playbook to mass award those badges (this needs to be verified).

This would minimize the interaction needed and remove fedmesg from the equation to ensure we didn't have any challenges.

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