#4 UI/Template Improvements
Closed: Fixed None Opened 14 years ago by nigelj.

We'll need re-template the app after the Feature Freeze to ensure we keep the unified look.

Ricky hope you don't mind doing this, but you seem to be the in-house expert. :)

Things that I immediately notice that need doing:

  • Templating - Urgent
  • Redesign of vote form to make it more user friendly, blurb maybe to the right of the form (where the input boxes are) explaining what goes where. (N.B. Insert name here will not be around soon)
  • Show start/end dates on main page etc and voting form

As of r17 I have added election and election_started to the dict that info() exposes which should make life a little bit simpler.

I have no idea how to best display information on the main page, we are going to have elections that are running and archived it's going to be a mess!

If needed I'll do it up so old elections appear in say /old or /archive we'll see, shouldn't be a problem at the moment.

As a thought, with the results page, it'd be kinda nice to shade the winners (i.e. first 'election.max_seats' candidates by order of votes) in say yellow to actually show that they are winners.

Also #14 (Page Title)
Back button etc for correcting votes on the confirm page.

This has been done for a while really, it's actually up to the next stage which Mizmo has offered to help us with.

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