#39 [RFE] Show real name in admin interface or implement election preview
Closed: Fixed None Opened 7 years ago by jreznik.

Currently, in admin interface, only FAS account name is shown and it could lead to mistakes (aka bad fas -> nickname mapping for July 2014 FESCo election). There's no way how to check it before elections starts and it happens automatically in the night...

Two options how to fix it - show real name when FAS is added or implement elections preview. Implementation of both would be even better :).

Two things are present in git for this atm:

  • the about page is present in the front page and the open page (unlike now) and the about page will show the real name

  • when adding new candidate and the election is set to integrate with FAS, the username is checked to correspond to a FAS user (note: this does not prevent an incorrect mapping if both users exist in FAS)

However, I won't be making a new release before the current election ends :)

That's actually not true, to fix a problem in the login mechanism I'll be pushing out 2.3 soon and 2.3 contains the two changes listed above.

I think this is fixed now :)

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