#19 Give # of votes in an election
Closed: Fixed None Opened 15 years ago by katzj.

It'd be cool to know how many people have voted in various elections, much like the counters in real elections :)

I'm putting this on my radar.

I'm not sure this is suitable for all elections but as an option, I support this change.

Jeremy, can you clarify here, do you want a live count, or just in the results page?

If results page, we'll be able to fit it in with our [wiki:Fedora13Target] document for 0.4.0.

A count of voters on the results page would be great. Currently I have to pull that information out of the database after elections for the announcement. Shouldn't be hard to add; just needs someone to do it.

Now that elections2 is running in prod, we can close this

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