#102 Don't say "CLA" to users
Opened 5 months ago by bcotton. Modified 5 months ago

There are a few places where the user could see "CLA", which we should not do since the FPCA is not a CLA.

bcotton@fpgm ~/f/elections (production)> ack --ignore-dir .tox --ignore-dir electionsenv 'CLA'
51:            flask.flash("You must sign the CLA to vote", "error")
99:            "You need to be in one another group than CLA to vote", "error"

111:          {{ render_bootstrap_textfield_in_row(form.lgl_voters, after="FAS groups allowed to vote on this election (CLA-done is always required)") }}

82:                    "CLA to vote", output_text
104:            self.assertTrue("You must sign the CLA to vote" in output_text)

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