#48 Fedora-Rawhide-20180307.n.0 DOOMED
Opened 2 years ago by dustymabe. Modified 2 years ago


  • Compose run failed because: - No Task ID, look at log statement
[ERROR   ] Compose run failed: RPM(s) not found for sigs: ['429476B4', 'A3CC4E62']. Check log for details. Unsigned packages:

This is due to @sgallagh building a new python-django module (not rpm) and we apparently don't have autosigning setup for them yet with the f29 key (thats one thing @puiterwijk has been working on this week.

So, we need to sign these and refire...

Just a heads-up, there's another build of that module I just finished and intend to land as soon as Bodhi will let me. That may need signing as well.

See https://pdc.fedoraproject.org/rest_api/v1/modules/?active=true&uid=django:1.6:20180307130104:c2c572ec

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